There is a place for our girls and women in the areas of Technology and Leadership.

We are here to show our girls and women that they can make waves and learn to lead this generation in a new era of tech, and they will be able to learn and use skills that will impact this world in wonderful ways that we can only begin to image. It all begins here!

LIT Girl Spotlights

Get to know other girls and women having an impact in their community using their tech and leadership skills.

Connect with Pros

Connect with women professionals and allies in various areas of technology and ranges of leadership.

Boost Your Skills

Join us in a web session or check out a free link to other cool sites that can boost your tech skills.

We are now in a new era where learning to master and implement technology skills is becoming more important than ever. I am determined to have our girls equipped to lead us in these uprising fields. I don’t want us to settle with just being at the table. I want us to be at the head, leading us into a better future!

LaJoi Robinson, CEO & Founder


Please feel free to browse our site to learn more about us! Currently, we are hosting all membership and events online. However, our headquarters is located in Indiana.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions!

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